Most of the HTML that is generated by Second Site is determined by the data in your database, such as names, events, dates, times, memos and sentences. Still, you have lots of options for changing the generated pages:

  1. You can change the Styles.Theme property.
  2. You can change stylesheet properties that control the formatting of the text, background images, colors and other page elements.
  3. You can substitute graphic images in place of those provided with the Theme. You can also add a site icon that establishes a graphic brand for your site.
  4. You can add text content to all the pages via Static Content properties.
  5. You can add Custom Pages that contain content you provide.
  6. You can provide other content through User items which are also used to manage the site menus.
  7. You can choose from a several Formats that determine the structure of the person page entries, or you can define a Custom Format that controls the structure of the person page entries.
  8. You can add Charts that illustrate the structure of family relationships.
  9. You can choose from more than 50 Layouts that determine the number of columns on the page and other page structure settings.
  10. You can add Icons to indicate people of interest; icons can appear in the index or on person pages.
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