Image Gallery

A smiling baby sits on a chair facing the camera. The baby is sitting on a thick blanket or other woven material, possibly a fur throw.
Russell as a baby
Two children sit on a chair facing the camera. The boy on the left is bigger and older than the girl on the right. The boy is smiling; the young girl rests her head on her hand.
Russell and Muriel
A baby boy in a wicker baby carriage. The baby is wearing light color clothing including a hat, long sleeves, and gloves. The baby is in bright sunlight and his eyes are nearly closed.
Russell in a baby carriage
A young man, probably 16 years old, standing outside in front of some trees and bushes with houses in the background. He is wearing a sports coat, sweater vest, and tie.
Russell Cardinal circa 1944
A young couple standing arm-in-arm in front of trees and bushes. The man is on the left in a suit and tie. The woman is on the left wearing a white dress, long white gloves, and a corsage.
Russell and Mary on their wedding day

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