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The Text Editor is a dedicated window for editing text property values. It makes it easier to edit multiline text properties. You can use the Text Editor with any text property. The most convenient way to open the Text Editor is to press [F7] when the text cursor is in the property. When you are done editing, you can save the changes and close the window by pressing [F9].

Edit Menu Commands

The Text Editor supports the usual Edit commands, including Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, etc., and also includes the Paste HTML Text command.

Paste HTML Text

Paste HTML Text is designed to work in conjunction with web browsers that put HTML text on the clipboard when you copy a section of a page. This can be helpful when you are trying to copy part of a web page.

Use one of the browsers listed below to open a page. Select a portion of the page, and then use the browser's "Copy" command to put the text on the clipboard. Switch to Second Site. Open a text property in the Text Editor by clicking on the textbox and pressing [F7]. Position the text cursor at the appropriate place, and select the Edit > Paste HTML Text command. Second Site will paste the text, including the HTML tags.

I have tested this function with Firefox 1.5+ and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+. It may work with other browsers. As of version 9.0, Opera does not copy HTML text to the clipboard.

You can paste the text only by using the Paste command rather than the Paste HTML Text command.

Macro Menu Commands

The Edit Window includes a Macro menu. The Macro menu makes it convenient to insert commonly used text. Some of the entries, such as "Bold", include starting and ending HTML tags. If you highlight a word in the property text, then select the command from the Macro menu, the starting tag is inserted before the selected text, and the ending tag is inserted after the selected text.

For properties that support Second Site scripts, the Macro menu includes commonly used Second Site script statements.

The following information is intended for advanced users.

The contents of the Macro menu are controlled by the [MacroTextChoices] section in the 2ndsite.ini file.

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