The information here refers to an out-of-date version of Second Site.

Version 1.0 Build 05

  • Fixed problem with unprintable characters (ascii 02) appearing in the output from various memo fields that contain printer codes (Problem caused by change to period detection code in 1.0 Build 04)
  • Fixed a problem where SS reported "No errors" even though it was unable to open the dataset (properly reported) because TMG had the dataset open

Version 1.0 Build 04

  • Improved period detection code for proper handling of periods within formatting codes such as [ITAL:][:ITAL]
  • Added some options for the handling of Last Edited Date, Reference data, and Custom Flags; each may now be (1) ignored, (2) included at top, or (3) included at bottom

Version 1.0 Build 03

  • Fixed a problem unlocking the program under Windows 95
  • Made some changes to styles to make text formatting changes more reliable under different browsers

Version 1.0 Build 02

  • Not released to testers.

Version 1.0 Build 01

  • Removed "sitenn4.sss" scripts. The "site.sss" script now creates both the standard and limited CSS files. This removes complexity from the user interface. Comments have been added in cases where a style will not look the same in older browers
  • Many help file updates. In particular, see the "Stylesheets" section
  • Fixed the behavior of clicking on a top-level node in the property tree; they will now refresh the right-hand pane and display their name only
  • Fixed a performance problem--slow response--when clicking on the "Pages > Style" node
  • Changed support for Theme Descriptions; they are not stored in the SDF file and reflect the current state of the SST file

Version 0.5 Build 02

  • Fixed a problem where you could not enter 0 (zero) for border widths and other numeric parameters
  • Enabled registration dialog and registration checking; if registered, program operates as usual. If unregistered, the program severely limits the number of people in the site, regardless of user choices
  • Expanded width of Section tree, reduced font size, and renamed some sections to eliminate horizontal scrolling. A future version will make the pane sizable
  • Added 2ndsite.ini file which controls application-wide options such as the contents of style related pulldown menus
  • Added "color" property to selected styles
  • Expanded options related to title handling
  • Add "title.sos" to control appearance of title and subtitle properties
  • Added "F9" as shortcut for "Save and Return" in Edit Memo window.

Version 0.5 Build 01

  • Build 01 was only used for web store testing

Version 0.5 Build 00

  • Fixed problem with error messages where context was not correct, i.e., SS said the problem had to do with a particular person or source, but that information was incorrect
  • Removed blank line when Pedigree omitted because of no primary parents
  • Changed "person ID" in error messages from internal number to external number
  • Cleaned up the log a bit
  • "Strings" section is now unexpanded by default
  • Added support for external memo files (memo contains exclamation point and file path, i.e., "!c:\files\sometext.txt"
  • Added "Stylesheet" scripts to implement Second Site's standard "site" and "sitenn4" stylesheets. The "site.sss" and "sitenn4.sss" scripts provide UI-level access to most of the styles defined therein
  • Changed layout of user interface properties because of desire to integrate new "Stylesheets" section with the rest of the program
  • Changed all Themes to use new "site.sss" and "sitenn4.sss" scripts
  • Eliminated the Build section options that controlled the border around exhibits; there are now Stylesheet entries for them
  • Removed all static "site.css" and "sitenn4.css" files from Themes.


Version 0.4 Build 09

  • Fixed a bug where all scripting errors were not being reported in the log.
  • Added properties to the Pages > Build section
    Include Build Date, Build Date Prefix,
    Include Build Time, Build Time Prefix,
    Dataset Name Prefix,
    Include Person Count, Person Count Suffix
  • Added the Pages > Links section. Properties there control the inclusion of the main page link, and allow the user to add 4 custom links, two each to the header and footer
  • Added Border Color, Border Style, and Border Width properties to the Data > Exhibits section. Set Border Width to 0 (zero) to omit the border
  • Changed all Themes to support the new properties; all the template files changed as did all the CSS files: update your SDF files by switching Themes!
  • Updated the "tips" file
  • Updated the help files for the new properties

Version 0.4 Build 08

  • Small installer created only (ss0408s.exe)
  • Fixed problem with DETAIL fields in places
  • Updated the "Publishing Your Site" and "Places Section" help pages.

Version 0.4 Build 07

  • Added support for unconditional variable references in the memo field of tags, for example, [P1], [A], [L], etc. This may generate some warnings in the log, because of text such as "[sic]" that look like a variable reference, but aren't. NOTE: You can't use "<[A]>". SS supports unconditional references only in memo fields
  • Fixed Place Style handling to support field labels properly
  • Fixed sentence formatter to handle place subfield variables (L2, L3) properly regardless of dataset version (L3=LatLong in v4, L3=City in v5+)
  • Changed place selection in UI; the UI *always* uses the v5+ terminology, that is, L3 is City, but it will correctly omit L4 (City) in a v4 dataset if L3 - City is unchecked

    HARD TO FOLLOW? Think of it this way: SS converts v4 places to v5+ places as it reads them. The only other manipulation necessary is to deal with v4 sentences that reference L3 and mean LatLong; the sentence formatter takes care of that little detail

Version 0.4 Build 06

  • Attempted to make installer more friendly to operating system files
  • Added "small installer" which omits VB runtime files

Version 0.4 Build 05

  • Introduced installer

Version 0.4 Build 04

  • Fixed a bug where selecting a project with multiple datasets could cause an array bounds exception
  • Fixed a bug where event-specific names were not being honored for anyone but the subject
  • Fixed a bug where deleted exhibits in TMG v5 datasets were being processed
  • Fixed a problem where custom sentences in TMG v5 datasets were ignored
  • Added citations for the primary name
  • Second Site now deletes the "zndsite.dbf", zndsite.fpt", and zndsite.cdx" files after it builds a site.
  • Updated the help files; added descriptions for a few features

Version 0.4 Build 03

  • Fixed "tag name sequence" bug (now sorted by name again)
  • Added better support for TMG v5 flags: flags are selected by flag label (rather than internal field name) and the Set Flag Filter dialog window now displays the user-defined flag values
  • Added "citl" to <OL> tag for the citation list, an oversight in previous versions

Version 0.4 Build 02

  • (Build 02 was skipped)

Version 0.4 Build 01

  • Fixed "Error 13" when opening or creating an SDF file

Version 0.4 Build 00

  • Many changes related to adding support for TMG v5 datasets
  • Removed centering from "sed" style (Source Exhibit Div)

Version 0.3 Build 13

  • Added "Data.People.Show Excluded Parents" checkbox, which controls the display of the names of excluded parents.
  • Added the "Data.Sources.Source Sentence" property, which controls which sentence (Full Footnote or Bilbiography) is used for source page entries

Version 0.3 Build 12

  • Build 12 was skipped

Version 0.3 Build 11

  • Changed ptd CLASS in site.css (all templates) to remove the "float: left;" attribute
  • Changed scripts.js to accommodate framed sites
  • Added a new framed Theme named "Framed"
  • Dropped "SUBJECT=" in MAILTO links for e-mail addresses in sources
  • Changed conditional prefix code to treat semicolon the same as comma, i.e., SS does not add a space before the semicolon. This differs from TMG
  • I made a slight improvement regarding the "deleted -t folder" problem, but it is not completely solved

Version 0.3 Build 10

  • Changed Data.Sources.Script EMail Addresses option; it is now enabled when Data.Sources.Show Citations is checked
  • Changed compiler.sos script to combine name and e-mail address, if both are present
  • Added "Pages.Compiler.EMail Subject Prefix" parameter which may be used to customize the "Your site" subject prefix
  • Added "Data.Exhibits.Text Is Preformatted" option; when checked, it encloses text exhibits in <PRE> and </PRE> tags
  • Added printer code formatting to text exhibits
  • Added "<BR>" tags where carriage returns occur in non-HTML text exhibits when the "Data.Exhibits.Text Is Preformatted" option is unchecked

Version 0.3 Build 09

  • I think I really fixed the pedigree/apostrophe in name problem this time.
  • URLs and e-mail addresses are now recognized in citations as well as sources
  • The standard templates now use a scripted form of the compiler's e-mail address. The scripted form hides the address from e-mail harvesters and includes the page name in the e-mail subject
  • Files that were duplicated in multiple themes (scripts.js, browser.js, compiler.sos, etc.) have been moved to the Themes folder. They are copied to the template folder as if they were part of every theme. A theme can supply it's own version if desired
  • Added a display of the background image to the Pages.Style section
  • Added the Pages.Style.Show TMG ID option which controls the appearance of the subject's TMG ID # in the person entry.
  • Rewrote help pages

Version 0.3 Build 08

  • I think I really fixed the "sdf" file extension thing this time!
  • Fixed places; [L] wasn't working
  • Changed the script for the pedigree window to make NN4 work better: cells should vary color from male to female other than subject
  • The table in the Pedigree window does not expand to fill the whole window; which looks a little worse but handles long content more gracefully
  • Added "CLASS=citl" for the list of citations (an OL tag) and added "CLASS=citi" for the individual citations (LI tags).

Version 0.3 Build 07

  • Forced "sdf" file extension when creating file; some change made that stop working
  • Fixed sentence-ending period code to recognize sentences that end with multiple quote characters. The period will precede all the quotes
  • Fixed case where singly-excluded data that had no data after the exclusion character was returned as a "dash" of data <g>
  • Fixed character encoding for Pedigree data
  • Changed popup pedigree window HTML to make it more NN4 friendly. NN4 pedigree window is now resizable


  • Added ability to stop making a site by pressing "Escape"
  • Added a "Tip" for the Escape key trick

Version 0.3 Build 06

  • Fixed incorrect Save button enabled after opening an SDF file
  • Fixed incorrect capitalization of "And" in "Children of A And B" phrase
  • Fixed location of log file; it should now *really* be in the same folder as the SDF file
  • Changed site.css "sci" style to fix wrap/overlap problem when NN6 displayed the surname character index. Also changed generated HTML to include "BR CLEAR=ALL"
  • Fixed a bug where the flag filter text did not display in all cases.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Make Site" command was available when there was no SDF file open.
  • Fixed a bug where the Browse Site command was enabled even though there was no index.htm file to open
  • Fixed a bug where an empty Index.No Surname propery caused an error every other time Make Site was run
  • Added the "Style.Show Pedigree" property; pedigrees required changes to the templates (added "browser.js") as well as changes to scripts.js.
  • Changed the behavior of the program after Make Site is run. The program now opens a dialog with three options: Browse Site, Open Log, or Close. If there have been errors, the message includes the error count and the default button is "Open Log". If there have been no errors, the default button is "Browse Site"
  • Removed most of the options from the log. Print the SDF file using a text editor (NotePad, or better yet, TextPad, which is available via if you want
  • Changed log to an HTML file and added a link to the index.htm page of the associated site
  • Added File > Open Log command
  • Added beta tester names to the About box... <g>

Version 0.3 Build 05

  • Fixed a bug in the file open code that ignored errors when opening files. I made some other improvements related to validating that an SDF file and its related folders are intact
  • Fixed a bug that may have caused the multiple-image in Grid style problem
  • Fixed a bug where a word was capitalized following a name with a period in the suffix
  • Changed "append memo after semi-colon" rule such that any reference to a memo subfield eliminates appending the memo text.
  • Added a "BMDB First" option; when selected and the subject is a principal to an event in the Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death, or Burial group, those events are sorted ahead of other tags. The first non-BMDB tag will start a new paragraph.
  • Made the Print-related buttons in the main window invisible, and the associated toolbar button, too; they will reappear when printing is implemented
  • Made the "Save As" command invisible; it will reappear when it is implemented
  • Changed the location of the log file; it is now written to the same folder as the SDF file with the same file name and the extension ".log"
  • Added validation of the entries in the recent files list when the program starts
  • Added "Include Database Memo" checkbox property to Build section
  • Added "Compiler.General Message" text property
  • Added "Compiler.General Message Only" checkbox property With the two properties above, you can hand-key a message that you want to introduce or replace the other compiler elements
  • Made some cosmetic changes to the template files.
  • Changed the display of the flag filter. It now includes the living flag setting
  • Changed the Set Flag Filter dialog to force uppercase values
  • Added a toolbar button for the Open Edit Window command
  • Added the name of the item being edited to the Edit Window caption
  • Changed the implementation of "sos" scripts such that the Theme Designer can add their own scripts. As a result, the SectionText method has been replaced by the SOSText method
  • Added "Site.GetSectionByName" method so that Theme Designers can add properties to existing sections
  • Made "Style.Description" a standard property

Version 0.3 Build 04

  • Build 4 was recalled.

Version 0.3 Build 03

  • Changed stylesheet handling: there are now two stylesheets, one for Netscape 4, and one for all other browsers. This allows customization of the style definitions; simpler definitions are more likely to work properly in NN4

    *** The above change should solve, or at least improve, the image/text overlap problem seen by Netscape Navigator 4 users ***

  • Fixed uncapitalized date prefixes at the start of a sentence (Actually, I re-did the whole capitalization scheme. It's simpler now and I suspect it will work better in all circumstances.)
  • Fixed memo handling to avoid spurious semicolons at the end of sentences when the first subfield of a split memo was not blank
  • Fixed handling of [CIT:][:CIT] printer codes; even though they are ignored (STILL), an embedded cite at the end of the sentence would trigger a bug that caused the period to be omitted [NOTE: Support for embedded citations was added in Version 1.0 Build 28]
  • Fixed a bug that prevented setting Preferences to empty strings
  • Added space around age conjunction "and" in a couple of places where spaces had been omitted
  • Changed bahavior when attempting to write over an existing SDF file via the File>New command; will now prompt you and ask you to confirm overwriting the file, overwriting the templates, and overwriting any existing templates
  • Added ability to select "Place Subfields" in the File>Preferences dialog
  • Changed e-mail suppression: now uses JavaScript to modify document when the page is rendered in the browser. (Renamed option in UI to "Script Email Addresses")
  • Added "character index" to the top of the surname index page
  • Added styles for the character index to all CSS files
  • Fixed (again!) the "Help>Current Section" command

Version 0.3 Build 02

  • Changed style handling of attribution message ("page generated by...") such that style is on the P tag rather than on a SPAN tag.
  • Save command/button now disabled unless document has been modified
  • Changed source URL detection to include "#" targets
  • Implemented "Show Excluded Principals" option
  • Added Recent Files section to File menu
  • Added toolbar buttons for Make Site and Browse Site.
  • Added "None" choice for background and changed template files for associated change to "Background" variable.
  • Added "One Line Format" option to compiler section and changed "compiler.sos" for both Themes
  • Added Text Preferences dialog to set various words and phrases, notably:
    - missing name string
    - location preposition
    - parent sentence (for automatic parent sentence)
    - "(living)" and "(excluded)" strings

    I provided access to the bulk of the strings in preparation for supporting other languages. If you leave them as is, SS will imitate TMG pretty faithfully

  • Added a "Tip of the Day" window and command (Help>Tip of the Day)
  • Added the Edit>Open Edit Window... command to allow editing long property values in an edit window
  • Added a Description property for long text that goes on the main page.

Version 0.3 Build 01

  • Rewrote user interface; now uses SDF files to gather and manage options and properties.
  • Rewrote template handler; now uses VBScript delimited by <% and %> to customize templates.
  • Added Themes, which are collections of templates and also support custom options and properties.
  • Changed template and output folder handling; those folders are now created by the program and placed in the same folder as the associated SDF file.

Version 0.2 Build 10

  • Changed HTML for Narrative style; the new HTML should force the children and citations sections to the page's left margin. I also fixed a bug where there was no space between the end of a person with no children and no citations and the next person
  • Changed sentence and memo parsing to avoid more cases where a bracketed expression such as [NEHGR 1:234] is interpreted as a variable reference
  • Changed narrative error handling such that invalid veriable references such as [blahblah] will be left in the output. If the invalid reference is actually correct, no harm done, though there will be an incorrect error message

Version 0.2 Build 09

  • Changed HTML for Narrative style in hopes that it will have a positive affect on Netscape Navigator 4's ability to render pages with embedded images
  • Changed the display of the Narrative style's Children section. Lifespan (or exclusion reason) now follows the person's name
  • Changed the display of:
    Last Edited
    <all custom flags>
  • Added details on Narrative errors to the program log

    Ex: "Invalid variable reference [X] in Marriage for ID #101" where "X" is the variable

Version 0.2 Build 08

  • Fixed inclusion/exclusion bug where the program was using the wrong checkbox value for "Show Excluded Children"
  • Fixed sorting bug where program was not using sort date from primary birth event to sort relationship tags
  • Fixed an error (might be the infamous "error 429" mentioned below) where the program tried to use a non-existant output directory.

Known Outstanding Issues: (not fixed)

  • Uncapitalized date prefixes at start of a sentence.
  • "error 429" when creating new template directory.
  • Problem where "[:CR:][:CR:]" at start of a sentence causes weird output.

Version 0.2 Build 07

  • Fixed bug where deleted source element records caused program failure. - Renamed "Include All Witnesses" to "Show Excluded Witnesses"
  • Added "Show Excluded Children" option. Works similarly to "Show Excluded Witnesses", but hides birth date and shows "<living>" or "<excluded>" as reason. Living, if exclude living is set, takes precedence over exclusion via flag.
  • Primary parents now sort before non-primary parents.

Version 0.2 Build 06

  • Fixed a bug where the program failed when dates contained invalid data. The program will stop writing an entry for a particular person when a data structure error is found in that person's data (dates or otherwise). An entry is made in the program log.
  • Added "Include All Witnesses" option on Filters tab. If checked, witness names are shown even if the witness is excluded. The names are *not* links, as there are no person entries for them.
  • The site.css entry has changed:
    • SUP changed to avoid extra spacing between lines in Netscape Navigator 4
    • Image frames include margin to offset from surrounding text
  • Updated the Filters tab help page.

Version 0.2 Build 05

  • Fixed the bug that caused inclusion of the subject in [WO].
  • Fixed a bug where the exhibit handling option for person images (non primary) was not saved/restored properly.
  • Fixed a bug where a sentence with an invalid "conditional variable" construct caused a program failure.
  • Changed Image caption handling to conform to TMG protocol. The HTML generated by the program uses the caption as defined by TMG, which is the text between "CAPTION:" and either (a) the end of the sentence, (b) a semi-colon (;), or (c) a carriage return. If there is no "CAPTION:" in the description, Second Site uses the exhibit name as the caption.
  • As part of the caption change, I added EXHIBIT-CAPTION as a variable in exhibit pages. (Exhibit pages are created when you choose to link an image and are based on the "image_page_template.htm".) The exhibit-related variables you can use in that page are:
    This must be present to display the image.
    This is the same as the exhibit name in TMG.
    This is the full text of the exhibit description field in TMG.
    This is the exhibit caption as defined above and in the TMG protocol.
  • I added a frame to all embedded images. In my opinion, though, you will be happier with Second Site results if you embed a minimum of images. It takes page layout skills to make text and images flow in a way that works. If you have many images for a person or persons, make a separate page and add an HTML link to it. If you want that page to look similar to the generated pages, use the image_page_template.htm as a starting point.
  • Added a "Show Excluded Data" option to show singly-excluded data. I chose not to allow showing doubly- excluded data so that TMG and Second Site would be similar in this regard.
  • Added the "flag filter" to the log

Version 0.2 Build 04

  • Fixed two errors related to writing files on Windows 2000 systems that caused fatal application errors.
  • Fixed formatting codes in Source page sentences.
  • Capitalized "On" and "In" for dates that begin a sentence.
  • Changed terminology from "Input Directory" to "Template Directory".
  • Added code to do more verification of options read from the registry (where persistent option settings are kept).

    NOTE: Options saved in a prior version will be ignored partly because of the above change.

  • Added code to verify that the template directory contains the 7 critical template files. (All the files that end with "_template.htm".
  • Disabled the main window when the program is making the site.
  • The program now lists the non-template files that it copies from the template directory to the output directory.

Version 0.2 Build 03

  • Fixed a variety of errors in the help files
  • Removed some debugging code that caused the message "Stop statement encountered" and a subsequent program shutdown.
  • Added a minimize button to the main window title bar. The window can not be maximized; the program has no use for the extra space.
  • Removed the "Open as read-only" check box from the Open Database... dialog.
  • Disabled the "Refresh Existing Directory" command when no input directory has been identified.
  • Memo fields (and subfields) now honor the exclusion marker.
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