Stylesheets.Theme subsections contain stylesheet properties defined by the current Theme. (The current Theme is set by the Styles.Theme property.) All Themes must define a set of standard properties and may also define custom properties. The standard subsections are:

  • Body Text – font properties for the body text
  • Heading Text – font properties for headings
  • Colors, Backgrounds – page colors and background images
  • Menus – colors for menu items
  • Charts – colors for charts
  • Slideshows – colors for slideshows

Some Themes add a special section for properties that are specific to the Theme. That section will have the same name as the Theme.

You may change the value of any property in any subsection. In most cases, after you make a change you can use the File > Make Styles command to update the local copy of the site to use the new style values.

For general advice about editing stylesheet properties, see the Stylesheets Section page.

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