The Heading User Item creates a section title on a Custom Page. Custom Pages include the full page header, menus, etc., but if you want to split the Custom Page contents into sections, you may add Heading User Items to define page sections that start with a title.

A Heading User Item is a Content Item. It does not create a page of its own and so you must place it on a Custom Page.

The Custom Page Help page includes examples of how to use User Items, including Heading User Items.

Edit Heading

The Edit Heading window controls the properties associated with a Heading User Item.

Heading Text

Enter the heading text.


See Enabled on the User Items page.


The Level property determines which HTML element Second Site uses for the heading text. The choices are H2, H3, H4, H5, or H6. The default is H2.

For major headings, select a lower-numbered element. For minor headings or subtopics, use a higher-numbered element. The size and appearance of the text is determined by the Level you choose and by the style rules assigned to that element.


See Clear on the User Items page.

Text after Heading

If you wish to include text that explains the heading or the User Items that follow the heading, add the text and/or HTML to the Text after Heading textbox.

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