This is an example web site made by Second Site. Everything you see was created by "out of the box" features: the site was configured by choosing options in the Second Site user interface.

The goal of Second Site is to allow users to publish the fruits of their genealogical research in a compelling way. To do that, users need a tool that takes care of the dirty work for them—by creating pages from their TMG database, for example—but one that also provides a rich feature set for adding content that makes a site come alive.

Custom Pages

The Custom Page feature is the primary tool used to add content. Custom Pages can be used to add stories or other textual content, Pictures, Image Galleries, Slideshows, Calendars, DNA evidence, Maps, and more.


Second Site supports multiple Formats that control how TMG tags—Birth, Marriage, Death, etc.—are rendered on person pages. Users may also segment tags by Tag Type and vary the presentation of those tags. For example, in this demonstration site, Census events are shown in a table even though all other tags are shown in a narrative.


Second Site has a comprehensive set of features for handling TMG exhibits. You can include person, event, source, citation, and place exhibits, and Second Site will show them with the associated record. Second Site also offers Exhibit Galleries, filtered lists of image thumbnails associated with exhibits.

Theme and Layout

In Second Site, you have control over the Theme (background images, colors, fonts, etc.) and the layout (the arrangement of content on the page).

The Theme Gallery shows the Themes that are supplied with Second Site. Users can also create their own graphics and styles.

There are more than 50 layout choices, and layouts can vary by page type. For example, the Person Pages on this site use one layout but the Chart pages use another. On Chart pages, the menu is on the side of the page.

Page Content

In Second Site, the user can supply extra content for all pages, even pages that are generated primarily from content in your genealogy database, and the content can be in the page header, page footer, and other locations. The quote below is an example of that feature: it appears on each page in the page footer.

There are many other features, too many to describe within the confines of this example site. Browse the site to get a feel for what you can do.


As you review this site you'll see that I have added other comments about how this site was created to various pages on the site. The comments were added using facilities that are part of Second Site.

The comments look like this.