The following links lead to examples made with Second Site. The pages show a variety of Themes (appearance options) and Formats (content structure options). Some of the links and/or buttons that are usually present on these pages were removed to simplify the creation of the examples. See the links on the user examples page to see full-featured, working sites.

Most of these example pages were created with Second Site 1 and have not been updated for newer versions. The structures are very similar, but the appearance options have changed. The examples will be updated as time permits.


Narrative Format
This is the "vanilla" format produced by Second Site.
Narration Format
The Second Site demonstration site uses the Narration Format.
Generic Graphics Theme, Narrative Format
Second Site includes the Generic Graphics Theme so users can provide their own background images, button images, etc. User W. Keith Dishman created graphics for his Dishman Family of Virginia site, and has given me permission to include a page in these examples. Thanks, Keith!
Bullets Format
Events are set off by graphic "bullets". This particular variation uses the "raw data" detail format where the event data is not in sentence format. The background image was set to "None".
Indented Format
Sections are indented. In this example, source citations are disabled, and the events are limited to birth, marriage, death, and burial (BMDB).
Two Column Format
A two-column tabular format. The colors were customized by setting properties in the Stylesheets section.
Three Column Format
A three-column tabular format. Similar to the Two Column Format, but dates are given their own column rather than being mixed with the other event details. In this example, the colors are the same as the Two Column Format example above, except the citation reference numbers which are in blue to make them more prominent.
Carla's Theme, Two Column Format
The same Two Column format as above, but using a more ornate Theme. The colors were adjusted to fit the Theme.
Grid Format
This is the first tabular format produced by Second Site; some of the newer formats are probably better choices now. This example also uses the "raw data" detail format.
Side by Side
This example is a live Side by Side site published by user Terry Reigel. Thanks, Terry!
Simple Text Format
A very basic format that doesn't even use HTML! Use it for e-mail messages or import it into a word processor and format the text yourself.
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