The Database Section options determine what data is used to build the site.

Set Database...

Use the Set Database... button to choose a TMG database. TMG Version 4 datasets have the extension ".tmg". For TMG Version 5+ projects, select the project file. Project files have a ".pjc" extension. After you choose a dataset, Second Site displays the path to the dataset in a text field beneath the button.

For TMG Version 5+ projects that contain multiple datasets, Second Site asks which dataset to process. For all TMG Version 5+ projects, Second Site displays the dataset name under the project name.

Show Excluded Data

The Show Excluded Data checkbox controls whether singly-excluded data is included in the output. When unchecked, which is the default value, data preceded by "-" is excluded. When checked, data preceded by "-" is included. Data preceded by "--" (the double exclusion marker) is always excluded.

The Show Excluded Data option affects sentences as well as other data.

Second Site also suppresses data between TMG's sensitive data markers ("{}") and hidden codes ([HID:][:HID]). There is no way to include sensitive, hidden, or doubly-excluded data.

Name tags differ slightly from event tags with regard to exclusion markers in the tag sentence; see the Names section for more information.

Primary Tags Only

The Primary Tags Only checkbox controls whether all tags or primary tags only are included in the output. When unchecked, which is the default value, all tags are included. When checked, only primary tags are included.

Include Witnessed Events

The Include Witnessed Events checkbox controls whether witnessed events are included in the person page entry. The default is checked, and witnessed events are shown.

Tag List

The Tag List controls whether specific tag types are included in the output. Only checked tag types are included. The [Check All] button selects all the tag types. The [Uncheck All] button deselects all the tag types. The [Check BMDB Only] button selects all the Birth Group, Marriage Group, Death Group, and Burial Group tag types, and all other tag types are deselected.

The Tag List in the Database Section is the master Tag Type selection list. If a Tag Type is not selected in this list, tags of that Tag Type will not appear in the site even if a Tag Filter in a Person Entry Tag Group selects the Tag Type.

When new tag types are added to your TMG project, Second Site will select them by default. If you do not want those tag types included, make sure you uncheck the tag type in Second Site.

Omit SortDate-Only Birth Events

The Omit SortDate-Only Birth Events checkbox controls the inclusion of Birth Group events that specify a sortdate only. If checked, Second Site will ignore Birth Group events that

  • have no date
  • have no place data
  • have no memo, and
  • have no custom sentence

The default is unchecked.

Omit Non-Primary Parents

The Omit Non-Primary Parents checkbox controls the inclusion of non-primary parent tags. If checked, Second Site will ignore non-primary parent tags. The default is checked.

Some narrative-style Formats do not display parents unless they are included in events as witnesses or via a PAR variable and Omit Non-Primary Parents has no effect when using those Formats.

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