Single-Exclusion Marker

The Show Excluded Data checkbox in the Database Section controls the inclusion of data that has been excluded using TMG's single exclusion marker ("-").

If Show Excluded Data is not checked, which is the default, any data that begins with the single-exclusion marker will be ignored. Second Site will treat the field as if it were empty.

If Show Excluded Data is checked, Second Site will ignore the single-exclusion marker. The data after the marker will be included in the output. If the single exclusion marker was at the beginning of a sentence, the tag associated with the sentence will be included.

Double-Exclusion Marker

Second Site always honors double-exclusion markers ("--"). Second Site will never include double-excluded data.

Sensitivity Brackets

Second Site always honors sensitivity brackets ("{" and "}"). Second Site will never include data marked as sensitive.

[HID:] and [:HID] Codes

The [HID:] and [:HID] printer codes also exclude data. There is one case where data contained with [HID:] and [:HID] may be included in the output; see Restricting Data to Second Site Only.

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