Second Site News #010

5 May 2003

In this issue:

Second Site Version 1.4 (Build 7) Released

The latest release of Second Site has the following changes and new features:

  • New Include Spouses property in Linked Descendant charts. Many people requested this feature. It was in my original plan, but didn't make it into the first chart release because there are only 24 hours in a day.
  • New Language.Default to English property; when checked, Second Site will use the English version of the sentence if the tag type does not have a sentence defined in the language specified by the Sentence Language pull-down menu. This makes Second Site mimic TMG's behavior more closely and may be useful to certain international users or people who use the Alternate or English2 languages. The default is unchecked.
  • New Memo.Suppress Memo property which can be used to completely suppress name and event memo text.
  • New Places.Place Format property controls whether the Full Place or Short Place format is used. As in TMG, the short place is either a literal string assigned to the place via the Master Place List (MPL), or, if that is empty, the short place is the result of interpreting the Short Place template which is defined in the TMG preferences.

    The Full, then Short choice operates as follows. The first time a place is shown in a particular person entry, the full place is used as the value of [L]. For all subsequent references to the same exact place for the same person, the short place is used as the value of [L]. Try it, you might really like it!

  • New Places.Use Place Style property controls whether the place style is used to format the place.
  • New properties in the 2ndsite.ini File allow greater control over certain exhibit file types. As part of this change, RTF files and other word processing documents will always be linked and not embedded. Web browsers do not allow word processing documents to be embedded in HTML pages, but they may open the document (or download it) via a link.

    Most users can ignore all the settings in the 2ndsite.ini file. Properties are placed in that file to reduce the chance that someone will change the property without recognizing exactly how it affects the output of Second Site. In some cases, I added properties there in response to specific requests from users with advanced needs. In other cases, I added properties which will allow Second Site to adapt to future changes in TMG or the web.

See the Change Log for more changes and details.

All existing customers can download this free upgrade here. If you are a registered Second Site user and the About Second Site window (Help > About command) does not show the same version number and build number as above, I recommend that you download this new version and install it. You will not lose any SDF files or sites you have already made.

If you uninstall and reinstall, which is recommended, you may have to enter your registration information again. Make sure you have that information on hand before you uninstall.

Uridge, Euridge One-Name Study wins Guild of One-Name Studies Award

Second Site user Teresa Pask has won third prize in the Guild of One-Name Studies Web Award 2002 competition for her site One-Name Study for Uridge, Euridge. Congratulations, Teresa!


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