Second Site News #019

25 December 2004

In this issue:

Second Site Version 1.8 Released

The latest release of Second Site has the following new or changed features:

  • The new Place Index feature creates a two-level index of the places referenced in your project. The index is linked to and from the person pages. The icing on the cake are the optional place information pages that show Place Comment text and TMG's new Place Exhibits.

    Please read the help page that describes the Place Index feature. Using the Place Index feature is easy, but you should have a basic understanding of how place grouping works to make the most of the Place Index feature.

  • New Timeline Charts show a series of events on a bar graph. Each event can be a single point in time or a date range. Now you can show graphically how the important events in your family history align with world events, or with each other. See the example chart.
  • Second Site Version 1.8 supports audio and video exhibits. Now you can add movies or sound clips of your ancestors to your site or CD-ROM project!
  • The new Custom Pages section means you can create custom pages completely within Second Site. You add a custom page to the list, and then key the contents of the page in the edit window. Custom pages retain the overall look of the site and include the standard links, etc., in the page headers and footers.
  • The User Data Folder feature now includes support for a Formats folder and a Defaults folder. Now it will be easier to keep those customizations separate from the program-supplied versions.
  • Second Site writes citation references (superscripted citation numbers) in the order indicated by TMG's Tag Entry window, i.e., Second Site supports the citation sequencing feature in TMG v6.
  • For all Formats except Narrative, Second Site writes witness names in the order indicated by TMG's Tag Entry window, i.e., Second Site supports witness sequencing feature in TMG v6. In Narratives, the witness sequence is determined by the event sentence.

These changes, and others, are described in the Second Site Change Log.

All existing customers should download this free upgrade. If you are a registered Second Site user and the About Second Site window (Help > About command) does not show the same version number and build number as above, I recommend that you download this new version and install it. You will not lose any SDF files or sites you have already made.

You may need your registration information when you install the new version.

Happy Holiday's, everyone!

... and special best wishes to the Second Site beta testers! Many of them are listed in the Help > About Second Site... dialog. They worked hard over the past few months to help test and critique Version 1.8 of Second Site. The past two weeks, in particular, I've had a lot of support from the beta testers—who are all volunteers—and I really appreciate it.


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