Second Site News #050

15 April 2012

In this issue:

Second Site Version 4.2 Released

This release includes several new features and other enhancements and bug fixes.

  • The Search User Item creates a search form on a Custom Page. The form provides input fields visitors can use to search for people on the site. The form uses a script that executes in the visitor's browser and does not depend on any remote server, so it will work with sites published on the web and sites published on removable media such as CDs, DVDs, and flash drives.

    The search is fast, and it supports some flexible search parameters, like the ability to search for people based on the names of their spouse(s) or parent(s). You can search by location, and by birth year or death year. You can also search for parents and spouses whose names are shown on the site, but who are not included as members of the site.

  • The new One Person Script property adds a script to each person page to make a site for multiple people per page operate similarly to a site configured for one person per page.
  • The new Find Item... button in the User Items section searches User Item titles and returns a list of matching items. You can edit the items via the result list using F7, and leave the list visible while you work in the main window.
  • The Item List properties (User Items, Tag Groups (now Person Entry Sections), Flag Events, Icon Flags, and Web Fonts); now use a list that expands to fill the content pane of the main window. This should help users with many User Items, long User Item titles, etc.

Please see the Change Log for a description of the other changes.


Thanks, as always, to the Second Site beta testers. Special thanks to the following people who translated text used by the Search feature.

  • Danish: Michael Erichsen
  • Dutch: Harry Goegebeur
  • French: Ron Chénier
  • German: Vera Nagel
  • Italian: Judith Mooney
  • Norwegian: Arnt Stavne
  • Portuguese: Rita van Zeller


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