Second Site News #086

30 August 2019

In this issue:

Second Site Version 7.04 Released

This is a maintenance release with minor enhnacements and fixes. All Second Site users should update to this release.

See the Change Log for details.

Match All Diacritics

This version includes a new property in the Search User Item, Match All Diacritics. Diacritics are sometimes called "accents", but accents are only a subset of the diacritic marks that may be part of a character. The new feature makes it easier for visitors to search for names or places that may include a character with a diacritic mark.

For example, "Jönsson" is a common surname in Sweden. It might also be spelled "Jonsson" where "ö" has been changed to "o" due to anglicization or other factors. When Match All Diacritics is enabled, the Second Site Search feature will automatically treat "ö" and "o" as equivalent. The person using the site can enter either character and the results will include names with either character.

The Match All Diacritics feature does not recognize every character that has a diacritic mark. You can see which characters are supported on the help page.


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