Second Site News #044

17 May 2010

In this issue:

Second Site Version 3.2 Released

This release includes new features such as the Image Gallery User Item, an Accent feature for Descendant, Pedigree, and DNA Overlay Charts, and a Color Picker to edit color values.

  • The Image Gallery User Item makes it easy to create a gallery of images. The results are similar to the Exhibit Gallery User Item, but the Image Gallery User Item is intended for images that are not exhibits. Unlike the Exhibit Gallery, the Image Gallery is a content item so it can be combined with other items on a Custom Page.

    The Image Gallery includes a Lightbox feature where clicking an image opens the full-size version of the image on the current page. The lightbox feature has also been added to the Exhibit Gallery and Picture User Items.

    You can see an example gallery on the Second Site demonstration site.

  • The Accent feature for charts makes it possible to highlight certain boxes in charts. In a descendant chart, for example, you might highlight your direct line. In a DNA Overlay chart, you could assign a different color to each line of descent.

    The DNA Overlay chart on the Second Site demonstration site uses Accents to control the color of each line of descent.

  • To make editing color values easier, Second Site now includes a Color Picker. You can use the color Picker to choose a color from a pre-defined palette, choose a color from the current Theme, or choose from previously-selected colors.

    Like the HTML Editor and the Text Editor, you can open the color picker by clicking on the textbox of a color property and selecting Edit > Open Editor... or pressing the F7 function key.

  • The Make Site command in version 3.2.0 is much faster than previous versions when processing TMG projects with extensive use of roles.
  • Second Site now supports special Exhibit Codes in the Description field of TMG exhibits so you can customize exhibit handling for selected exhibits. For example, you can now exclude a specific exhibit from your site even though other similar exhibits are included.
  • The operation of the Add CD Autorun Files property has changed, and it's important to understand the change if that property is checked in your SDF file. You should make sure that Add CD Autorun Files is unchecked if you are building a site you are publishing on the web.

As usual, there's a variety of other changes to improve the HTML produced by Second Site, fix minor bugs and other issues, make sites more consistent, and make Second Site more powerful and easier to use. See the Change Log for a complete list of changes.


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